Queen of the Kitchen or The Household PARER

Wordle 454 6/6

Today’s word is PARER.

When I think of today’s word, immediately my mind jumps to cooking. Cooking was something I never really taken an interest in picking up. It was always something that I would do in the worse case scenario. Not to be dramatic but to be dramatic, it was either when I ran out of budget for take-out or purely out of survival. My family knows all too well how challenging it was satisfying this little big boy’s hunger, normally taking lengthy conversations about what to have for meals. Over my early adulthood, I have learned to be more efficient with my time by resorting to quick, easy and tasty meal recipes. Fully cooked meals out of a slow-cooker or oven was key, where anything from garlic soy chicken to lemon salmon with broccoli, quinoa or rice was a benchmark of success. In a time of immediate gratification and pervasive health and fitness trends, I continue to demand food NOW or avoid anything big before those trips to the beach. As far as cooking goes, some reasons why you would really catch me paring anything are limes for tequila or lemon for honey lemon tea. A queen of the kitchen? Couldn’t be me. But a household parer? Suddenly, there’s a place for me.

What did you think about today’s Wordle word?

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