About & Contact

Hello there, and welcome to my website!

My name is Artemio Rimando, and I am in the early stages of my career as an aspired Data Scientist. I am currently employed at Uken Games, a Canadian gaming studio headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. I intend to use this website to blog about my professional learning experiences, and as a medium to present my work.

As an aspired Data Scientist, I recently decided to move back to Toronto to continue my growth as a Data Analyst within computer gaming. I begun my career in Vancouver as a Data Analyst for two years within the financial industry after graduating with a Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Toronto. I am highly interested in building data products that significantly contribute to business goals, boost operational and decision-making efficiency, and present beautiful visualizations to tell engaging stories.

Having started my career in a start-up environment, I enthusiastically love working with individuals that have great ideas, take calculated risks to execute those ideas, and are not afraid to ask questions. I am a proponent of the creative-thinking process because of the vast amount of learning. Through this process, I have gained experience building and validating machine learning models that increased loan conversions which minimized losses and generated more revenue. I have also learned to process large amounts of data and analyze them using various technologies.

On my spare time, I like playing board games of deception, getting a good workout at the gym, and dancing on weekend evenings. I am an avid Big Brother Canada fan, a Pokemon geek since I was four years-old, and thoroughly enjoy play-on-words and puns.

I am always open to having discussions surrounding the data scientist career path, engaging in applied data science, and learning about machine learning and AI applications across industries. Please feel free to contact me using the form below or via LinkedIN, or Twitter.