On The Move: Part I – Farewell Toronto, Hello NYC!

Now that I have settled down in New York City, the little notification in the backside of my brain wouldn’t stop telling me that it’s time to write another update. It’s been 6 months since I have last written and it boggles my mind how much has happened in another half-year. As I reflect about these past 6 months, I think about there was no shortage of fast-paced change with all the more walks, talks and cocktails.

Every activity I have shared in this blog post has overall been fairly positive but to put things into more perspective, I would love to mention some other things I have been feeling throughout this process. To start, my move has been expedited by my parents coincidently deciding to downsize and focus on their plans for retirement. I had to find the courage to say goodbye to a great decade with my family and give up most of the things that occupied my room. I haven’t really experienced this kind of feeling before but with some friendly advice I eventually reached the mindset that it was more of an opportunity to start anew. Other feelings included anxiety going through the TN Visa application process while saying farewells to my amazing team at TELUS. That feeling when your heart sinks a little when you see your friends and extended family for the first time in awhile only to share the news that I was once again ready for another adventure.

The very experience of reconnecting with loved ones and gaining that sense of security is what makes departing so meaningful. Meaningful in a way where I will always remember in the next few years to come. Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I would love to share some of the most meaningful moments before my departure to New York City.

Stayed warm during a casual double date at the St. Lawrence Market and cocktails at home

We had seafood, pastries and coffee in the morning and homemade cocktails by the late afternoon.

Celebrated a besties baby shower!

Where the winner of a word scramble game (words related to parenthood and babies) received a cute unicorn plushie. And yes, I won!

Sipped on shareable cocktails at the Shameful Tiki before

Those $40 cocktails are easily good for 2-3 people. Drunkenness is a real risk!

Caught up on birthday celebrations after recovering from a COVID episode

An impromptu birthday celebration where dress code was music festival goers and the theme was reality TV stars.

Grabbed coffee, sushi, and Thai food in a day of new meet and greets

Went for a cute sushi date before shouting over different beer pong house rules

I think this is the curliest my hair has ever been and that chocolate matcha lava cake was SO good.

Jumped on squares, ducked from lasers and spelled words at ACTIVATE

The hour commute from downtown Toronto to Scarborough was well worth the visit for gamified exercise and flashy lights.

Pretended to be a loving couple on a day off work at the Distillery District

Include a couple of steps for coffee and another couple of photoshoots.

Drank some tequila and strung up streamers for some lovely thirtieth April birthdays

Thirty, flirty and thriving!!

Scheduled a Wednesday evening in May for some drinks and drag shows

A few friends had never been to a drag bar before so we started off the night with some pre-drinking and some cheap liqueur shots before heading to Crews & Tangos.

Walked outside The Eaton Center on a blocked-off Yonge Street and became entertained or the entertainer

Rooftop strings or pummeling electronic music. Take your pick.

Cheered on the Blue Jays in our different interpretations of blue attire!

It’s the blue eyes white dragon for me.

Made spontaneous weekend plans to go clubbing and out for brunch with family, family, and family

Like RuPaul says, “Tonight, it’s just family.”

Celebrated my 30th birthday and our farewell to NYC with the very best of friends in the weekend before we depart

Can you spot the photoshop?

Packed up boxes and furniture from the condo apartment into a U-Haul truck and we hit the road for New York City!

With our Banh Mi sandwiches for the road 🙂

To think that for the next little while, I’ll get to write and blog more in New York City. The story continues in part II!

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