Write With Wordle: Was there ever any DOUBT?

I’m starting a series where once I’ve solved a Wordle puzzle, if an idea, memory, event or thought or any combination of these comes to mind, I will write about it. Hopefully this will be a great low-effort high-impact way to write more and have fun along the way. I’ll be sure to share these blogs at a later time in the day as to not give the answer away and to allot some time to write. Here goes.

Wordle 453 3/6

Today’s word is DOUBT.

I’m not usually a doubtful person but I’ve had my doubts. From the chicken udon dish at a new restaurant to catching that Toronto transit bus on time, my doubts have come in consequential (or non-consequential) shapes and sizes. I remember when I was a kid, my parents signed me up for soccer camp in the summer sometime after finishing 4th or 5th grade. It’s hilarious now that I think about it because there I was, a little boy, person of colour, thrown onto a field of white kids who were greatly coordinated with a ball at their feet. I had zero skill. I felt out of place and begged my parents not to go back. I strung along and decided to try it but I always doubted that I would enjoy it. Wasn’t this little boy correct? I was enrolled in a two-week cohort and managed to survive one day before I quit.

I recall the twelfth grade having waves of looming doubt as I progressed through the school year. Other than doubts of getting into university or achieving the necessary grade point averages, I recall being completely uncertain that I’d be a representative Catholic in life beyond the walls of high school. Other than the most obvious deterrence of being gay, practicing Catholicism was important in my family and I had to find the balance of who I was with what I believe in. I’m still learning to find that balance because a lot of my learned behaviour and ingrained morals stem from my Catholic upbringing. For instance:

Treat others the way you want to be treated. – Matthew 6:12

This is a passage that I remind myself and carry with me for as long as I can remember. Upon graduation, I won a $250 cash award and plaque for exemplifying Catholic values. Now that’s ironically iconic.

What are your most memorable moments of doubt?

Let’s get writing! Come join me and Write With Wordle.

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