Down the Chute

Wordle 455 4/6


For today’s Wordle word, I decided to write a short poem.

Today’s word is CHUTE.

Twenty stories high yet we thought we could go higher
With ambitions and a dream out west
You took the lead, I followed blindly
Like naked eyes upon a sunset

You took the wheel, took a bump on the bumper
Colorado summers never felt cooler
Three months pass, our space felt wider
Hearts so distant, far, feelings farther

I thought we locked this down, stronger during lockdown
With suffering knees, you met my needs
I thought love could never be so sweet
But soon were the days where you chose you, and so I chose me

Like garbage tumbling, sounds fading down the chute
Across unit twenty one oh four
I finally threw what wasn’t needed
I finally walked out the door

Let’s get writing! Come join me and Write With Wordle.

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