The Photogenic, The Photographer and The Wannabe Photoblogger

Much beauty and radiance was brought to our apartment doorstep this lovely weekend in October. A best friend came to visit New York City for the first time and we had no choice but to show her the marvels and wonders of the urban jungle. To make it more special, an itinerary was planned with some additional places that we haven’t been to yet so that we could experience our first-times together. Throughout the weekend, I took note of my feelings and thoughts as a way to check myself as I’m recovering from a cold. Despite the fact that my nose was running faster than my feet across the city, I simply felt at ease. There is something interesting about the human experience where one is able to take sights of architectural grandeur and dim out the tiniest nuisances of self-sabotage. Or even taking simple messages from a storefront ad to magnify the positivity from within. I believe that’s what happens in every breathtaking moment. Something like a concern can be softly massaged into hopes for the best as you walk with your best face forward. Maybe that’s where inner strength comes from. The ability to persuade the face to smile while the heart works hard at showing compassion. I digress.

Many photos were taken this weekend and all for good measure. Whether it was for a new profile picture, an assignment submission, or to continue the story of life, every little photo has their fair share of tales to tell. With time ticking in these few days together, here’s what The Photogenic, The Photographer, and The Wannabe Photoblogger did this weekend.

Checked out some shops in Lower East Side while waiting for an available table at Russ & Daughters

Visited Dumbo in Brooklyn to bask in the sights of The Manhattan Bridge and The Brooklyn Bridge

Marched over The Brooklyn Bridge and appreciated the forced web-like symmetries and perspectives

Miles Morales-ing. If you know you know 🙂

Walked to SOHO with cute clothes and looked through some cute stores

Rumi had the cutest little Asian household goods to look through. I had the most fun in the sunglasses section.

Participated in all the smiles and liveliness in Central Park at Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

I think I saw three or four different wedding photos taking place with a few instrumentalists playing here and there. The sunshine made this place all the more beautiful.

Revisited the MET to observe artists and more artworks and made a quick pitstop at the rooftop

I had an opportunity to really spend some time walking through the MET. My most favorite was Epic Abstraction.

And finally, grabbed Italian food and some cocktails to celebrate a productive weekend

A special thank you to Brandon and Rachel.

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