One Brunch, Two Brunches, Three Cocktails, Four

Counting activities in NYC is much more fun than counting down the days to summer’s end. It’s a conflicting state of mind when holding the duvet covers over your head is nothing but a sweet hello to the cold while you just said goodbye to the summer heat. This all too familiar seasonal transition is always the strangest feeling. I’ve finally taken out sweaters packed away in boxes and started to wear them in the morning. By lunchtime they’re off my back and keeping my seat nice and cozy. Unfortunately, Hurricane Ian was crossing the Atlantic and some of its trailing weather patterns made touchdowns across the East Coast. The sudden change in temperature has affected my immune responses (as of writing this, I have a pesky cold) and I’m sure it has affected many others. Despite the minor setback that this has caused on my mood and day-to-day activities, I was still able to enjoy the past few weeks with friends and family. Here’s a short and sweet update on what I did!

Savored a delicious Mexican brunch at the vibrant Cantina Rooftop with the bestest of family friends

Breakfast burritos, platters, pork benedicts, fruity cocktails and blasting Top 40 music was the VIBE.

Celebrated the cultural and culinary beauty of Indonesia

While learning more about the demography of Surabaya.

Dined at an authentic Sichuan restaurant in Midtown Manhattan

The spicy tofu, rice and eggplant with lavender infused cocktails and whiskey made up a super fine evening.

Reconnected with family from across the border with lots of laughs and love

Nothing like a good catch-up over drinks, snacks, and late night chats. I had the opportunity to call my aunt and uncle who were also in the city to send my warm regards.

Filled up on bottomless strawberry mimosas at Maya’s all-you-can-eat brunch restaurant

It was my first time ever having this kind of meal and I definitely got my money’s worth.

And finally, purchased tickets to EDC Las Vegas 2023

Can’t wait to see you all under the electric sky!


  1. The Big Apple really has the world’s cuisines in it!

    (Also, rather late — but many thanks for following The Monching’s Guide! Couldn’t comment on your About section, so I hope you don’t mind if I leave this one here.)

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