Wait a Minute! The Vibe is Just Right

My trip to LA has come and gone and having been before, I can say that it was reminiscent, pleasant, and overall a positive vibe. If I had to sum it all up, it would be like finishing your large 50% sweet boba with sugar-doused pearls. The first sip gets you excited for the whole drink, the sugar-high keeps you energetic and wanting more, and the last drop leaves you pondering why such a sweet thing must come to an end. The moment we landed in LA and reunited with the besties, we knew the vibe was signed, sealed, and delivered. Like the way the ingredients of boba just perfectly balance each other among various sugar levels, this group of four certainly brought a sweet balance of highs and lows on the trip. There was even the right balance of snoozers to the talkers of teeth. To prevent a flat tire you have to balance out the the PSI’s for any car to function, so as such, we filled our short time together with breaths of fresh air. Before I share what we did on our trip to LA, I’d like to end off by saying that these softhearted comments were brought to you by all the healing crystals and zodiac gemstones we saw on this trip. Now let’s dive right into it.

Kicked off the trip with a walk along Main Street in Santa Monica grabbing omusubi, fruits, donuts and roses before heading to the famous pier

Took a drive for two to Santa Barbara for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay tasting at Melville Winery

Checked out The Grove and dined at Jon & Vinny’s before the LACMA Urban Lights lit up our night

Drove up and down the winding roads in Malibu for some pitstop photoshoots, healthy treats, and Mediterranean eats

Played Crazier By Taylor Swift on repeat as we sat watching the clouds roll overhead and waves rolling in at Point Dume Beach

Filled our bellies with pork belly after we learned that either nuclear fusion occurs or a handprint of fame awaits when a star is born

Went infinity and beyond as the happiest couple of couples in the happiest place on Earth

Fulfilled our foodie brunch cravings at the lovely Gjusta Bakery with an open mind, an empty stomach, and a sweet tooth

Enjoyed a pleasant walk at Venice Beach, watching skateboarders in a sunny calm before an unexpected hailstorm

Concluded our trip with a last night dinner with some soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung

A special thank you to Brandon, Jenn, and Mads.

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