It is almost always obvious that the best recipe for a boisterous, wild, and vivacious time when travelling is to do it with your best friend. Kathleen (emphasis on the best, and royal highness queen love goddess on the friend) flew from Toronto, and I flew from Vancouver to San Francisco where we reunited and unexpectedly turned our travels into something more shockingly reminiscent. Cue the soundtrack, Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana. Here’s what we did!

1) Walked the streets, looked at expensive artwork and chased the sunset around Fisherman’s Wharf

When you arrive in SF in the afternoon and have some time to spend downtown. This includes hitting up In-N-Out Burger!

2) Started the days off right with some Blue Bottle Cafe Coffee

They said the New Orleans styled coffee was best served with a view.

3) Brought out our teenage blessings and inner fan-girls over the That’s So Raven House

It’s the future I can see.

4) And did the exact same thing over the Full House house

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go.

5) Witnessed the twists and turns of the Lombard Street flowerbed frenzy

And chilled it out with some awesome San Francisco views.

6) Grabbed the best burritos in the Mission District

La Taqueria has the best burritos in town! Their beef burrito was so good! The beef was juicy and toppings were zest to perfection. Added in some avocado for more flavour and got some mineragua to help cool me down in the warm weather.

7) Boarded the Red and White Fleet at Fisherman’s Wharf to learn about the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz

And of course to capture those pretty city skyline views of San Francisco!

8) Enjoyed a lovely seafood dinner at Pier 39

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the sea lions, but we did enjoy a delicious summer special seared scallop and crab risotto as well as an apple crisp a la mode at Fog Harbor Fish House.

9) Navigated the windy, winding uphill SF streets to the Top of the Twin Peaks

For a bright-at-night view that makes San Francisco all that more lovable.

10) Bridged the ties of friendship, or literally made your best friend tremble every step of the way

Apparently the Golden Gate Bridge is good at doing that, just don’t look down. The fog made the experience all the more cool.

11) Gazing at the magnificent Palace of Fine Arts

You bet we took all those touristy photos. The ducks in the moat definitely gave the place some personality.

12) Immersed ourselves in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinese Culture

Chinatown was bustling with people ordering from different Chinese bakeries and dim sum restaurants. You could see lanterns beautifully strung from building to building, and performers occupying the side-streets. It was a feast for the eyes, our stomachs, and our hearts.

13) Took some time to check out San Francisco’s Japan Town

If we weren’t so full from all the Chinese food we had in Chinatown earlier that day, we would of definitely had taken the time to eat here. There were so many Teppanyaki, Ramen and Sushi restaurants! The Pagoda Peace Tower is also a pretty structure.

14) Raided the streets around Union Square

Obviously our priorities put us on an epic mission of spending Rayquaza’s Legendary Raid Hour in Union Square, an area that boasts all these gyms! And no, I did not catch a shiny Rayquaza. Insert immense sobbing here. #pokemongo

15) Observed the sunset and SF skyline at Mission-Dolores Park

For a calming yet breathtaking way to end one of our days.

16) Sweetened our sweet-tooth cravings at Ghirardelli’s Chocolatier

And you know we’re all about that dark chocolate.

17) Celebrated pride on the most casual of days in The Castro

(Rainbow Road was always my favourite Mario Kart stage) #princesspeach

18) Picked up a few snack items to progress our day at Tartine Manufactory

And somehow the only way I managed to enjoy this tenfold was to dip my chocolate chip cookie with a dash of sea salt in the vanilla soft served ice cream.

19) Google mapped literally every location we visited but especially Googleplex

And literally took every picture on our travels with my Google Pixel 3.

20) Relived our High School Musical 3 moment at Stanford University

And also paid our huge respects to such a prestigious academic institution.

21) Liked and loved our way to the Facebook and Instagram HQ

No, seriously. The amount of posts I went through to pass the time as we drove out to Mountainview. Mind you that The Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana is still playing in the background.

22) Sneaked a preview of Apple’s Ringlike Facility and Headquarters

The futuristic feel to it is where all the personality is.

23) And last but never least, represented Data and Analytics Canada at the Cisco Data Symposium!

Where Kathleen had the opportunity to meet some of my colleagues and I had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with Data Scientists from all over the globe, working on pushing Cisco’s machine learning and artificial intelligence to the next level!

Where have you traveled with your best friends? Where are you planning to travel with them next? How do you show your long distance best friends how special they are no matter how far away?

A very special and huge heart of thanks to Kathleen for making this trip memorable and special. Thanks for being my rock star and that spirited Torontonian boba-loving driver.