Past Games

The following is a list of games that have been played in the past.

Merchant Growth – Spring 2021 (Winner: Janet Leung)

#StayHome – Spring 2020 (Winner: Bernadette Visconti)

Merchant Growth – Spring 2020 (Winner: Ammar Shakir)

Merchant Growth – Summer 2019 (Winner: Kara Wong)

Merchant Growth – Winter 2018 (Winner: Melvin Barrocan)

Merchant Growth – Summer 2017 (Winner: Angela Chu)

General – Winter 2016 (Winner: Kathleen Obtinario)

General – Summer 2015 (Winner: Raphael Garcia)

General – Summer 2014 (Winner: Kristel Lee Hon-Siong)

University of Waterloo Ron Eydt Village West D – Winter 2014 (Winner: Brooks MacLachlan)

University of Waterloo Filipino Students’ Association – Fall 2013 (Winner: Heather Pangilinan)

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