Unfortunately, after the end of my trip to San Francisco, I fell victim to a gout attack in my lower body which left me immobile and unable to walk for a few weeks.

Amidst the pain along with the struggles of being bedridden, this condition tested my ability to replace doubtful thoughts about my body with positivity.

With huge support from friends, family, my partner, and my beloved prescripted medication, it was amazing to see how I was able turn such scary times into varying small doses of joy.

After regaining some ability to walk again, the month of October turned out not to be so scary after all.

Here’s what I did:

Wrote a small Instagram post on acknowledging the importance of coming out.

Which you can find here. Also, I took some more photos for fun.

Celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving!

With a big appetite, lots of pumpkin pie, and an ambition to win Mario Kart.

Voted in the 43rd Canadian Federal Election.

Crutches came clutch in helping me exercise my legs and exercise my right to vote.

Enjoyed a tasty heartwarming home-cooked meal.

Beef and egg congee made with a whole lot of love by my partner’s mom.

Built a Gyarados Japan Nano Block.

It was a great way to pass some time while recovering. #cute #fierce #af

Reached Level 40 in Pokemon GO and obtained a lucky perfect IV Flygon during Community Day.

The flex is real. :muscle:

Munched on Korean chicken at Todak Todak Restaurant.

This new restaurant opened up recently on Kingsway and I was extremely happy about it! Love, love, love Korean chicken!

Dressed up like my dad on the night of Halloween.

It’s scary how much I look like him here. Too bad my health condition prevented me from doing much else for Halloween, and I always say no to scary movies. :joy:

With a happy October now past, it is time to push through into November and December. Since being out west in Vancouver, this becomes an exciting time as I start to think about planning for a visit to Toronto for the holidays and any other potential vacation trips.

Even before planning for all of that, the most important thing right now is focusing on a full recovery.

Up next: spending the Remembrance Day long weekend in Calgary and Edmonton!

How did you enjoy the month of October?