With the last month of 2019 having just begun, there was no surprise in Vancouver with the rain, clouds, and Black Friday mall crowds.

The temperature was well below 5°C, but there was nothing stopping Michael and I from welcoming my lovely Toronto family friends, Kristel and Alex, whose visit to Vancouver was a first!

Here’s how we shared new experiences during their first visit!

Fancied a brunch meal at The Water Cafe in Gastown!

The crab meat benny was so good, especially how the potatoes were soft and not too salty, and how the egg yolk mixed in with the egg whites and breaded crab. All the while, the Gastown Steam Clock continued to work its smoky magic.

Tested our knowledge of Canadian towns and cities during our stroll along The Canadian Trail, Canada Place

And realizing that there is still so much of Canada to see. What’s up Beaver Creek?

Alley-ooped for the gram, and posed for Instagram

All you have to do is stay on brand.

Hopped between breweries and rated beers for reviews

Brassneck Brewery, Main Street Brewing, 33 Acres Brewing Company, Electric Bicycle Brewing Company and Granville Island Brewing are just to name a few. :joy:

I’m glad I got to share some company even though I didn’t drink any of the beer. For the night, I lived vicariously.

Shucked some oysters by the Granville Island shipyard

We walked towards the dock and noticed The Lobster Man on the way. After learning about some different oysters and tasty recipes, we bought some for ourselves and held our own mini oyster picnic by the shipyard!

After a small learning curve, we shucked our own oysters and enjoyed these rich ocean tastes too!

Ordered soup, sandwiches and other comfort food at Burgoo at Lonsdale Quay

I ordered the chicken sandwich and butter squash soup and sipped some of Michael’s cinnamon orange tea. A happy sip and a happy stomach.

Took some shots of the downtown Vancouver skyline along with some poses

Keep calm, cool and cute.

Concluded the day in celebration of festivities at Capilano Suspension Bridge Canyon Lights

This time of year is definitely when you want to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

The lights were magical and almost scary how the allure of the lights lured you across the suspension bridge. Walking from lit treetop to lit treetop made us feel like the shining stars. Walking through the blinking lights of the edgewalk tunnel made us forget about the heights that laid below us.

There was no better way we could have ended the day with showers of rain, lights, and love.

How did you spend your first few days of the last month of the year?