The Tote with a Message and a Mini Weekend RECAP

Wordle 459 3/6


Today’s word is RECAP.

What a great word to write about as I can literally recap this past weekend. Two lovely Toronto friends turned family (hey cous!) came to visit New York City. This short visit was an overwhelming blessing in disguise and pure joy to the soul. Some moments were of high energy, and some moments were extremely tiring, but overall, there were no bad days!

Here’s what we did! (Also, can you find the tote with a message?)

Raised our glasses to the first night at Westlight

Had brunch at Jack’s Wife Freda and must-have Chinatown eats before exploring Greenwich Village

Sipped on some Starbucks martinis and walked 20,000 steps before slurping udon noodles at Tsurutontan

Danced the night away with some shouty conversations at Industry Bar

And finally, chilled out with some recovery fruit juices and a blanket at Central Park

Some of the other moments that I didn’t take photos of included eating Korean BBQ, having banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery, and watching The Devil Wears Prada. Mentioning these completes my recollection of a truly epic weekend. With smiles, full stomachs, sips and steps, when and where will we see each other next?

A special thank you to Brandon, Jenn and Mads.

Let’s get writing! Come join me and Write With Wordle.

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