A Trice in the Eyes of All That Dwells

Wordle 457 3/6


Today’s word is TRICE.

Here’s some interpretative thoughts on today’s Wordle word forced into a poem.

A trice in the eyes of all that dwells
Are the days in a hurricane’s center where all is still
A geological shift somewhere in 4.5 billion years
The first-ever drift with broken spokes and gears
Seconds in the decades of generational struggle
Could mean life or death in cross-cultural quarrels
A year of travels in 65 years of work
Ages of expedition in centuries of new world search
A deed that made her week so bliss
A smile that led to his wedding kiss
The kindness in longing stress and pain
The hurt in their transition day by day
A trice is in the eyes of all that is
What is in a trice in all that is timeless?

Let’s get writing! Come join me and Write With Wordle.

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