On The Move: Part II – Welcome to New York City

It’s been quite the ride but I have finally made it. If culture shock was measured on a scale between 1 and 10, then I would personally rate my experience at a 4. The buildings are taller, the people walk faster, and the streets are noisier. The train network is expansive and a metal entanglement of wonder. Something is always happening and I love that my mind feels at ease in all the chaos.

There’s something about the heights and hype of New York City where you just want to be that girl. That new girl that moves into the city with dreams and aspirations not limited by the bounds of East and Hudson Rivers. That youthful girl who amalgamates the twisted innocence of her twenties with the birth of her thirties paying for Equinox gym memberships and eating fancy food. That main character who envelopes love, tenacity and adventure with a kiss and sends it off to the world with a tap of her phone screen. Not every one has to be that girl but you bet she dares to be bold.

Time to continue with this main character’s story!

Arrived safe and sound and unpacked boxes into the new condo apartment

The next day, we explored our area including Grand Central and got Japanese food at Ippudo!

Explored the Financial District and Koreatown where food and groceries were top of mind

A trip was made to the Financial District so that we could apply for our Social Security Numbers. After all the paperwork was finalized, we made a trip to Zucker’s and took pictures at the Oculus Center. The next day, we made a trip to Koreatown where we bought coffee and Kimchi and Curry croquets at Tous Les Jours and jajangmyeon at Food Gallery 32. The Kimchi croquet immediately became a top favourite. The fun part of Koreatown was that once we’ve made our rounds of food, we went grocery shopping at a household favourite, H-Mart!

Explored Chinatown where we had cheap eats, wandered the streets, and drank 30% sugar bubble teas

Our first stop was Shu Jiao Fu Zhou where we got 10 pork & chive dumplings and whole wheat noodles with peanut butter sauce for about $6! We then lined up at Wah Fung Fast Food where we got BBQ pork over rice. We enjoyed this dish while watching community residents playing basketball on one end and squash on another. To round off the food, we bought bubble tea from Yaya Tea Grand and traversed the colourful streets.

And crossed through Noho, NYU, and West Village where we bought coffee at a pop-up garden shop and dried lavenders from another flower shop

In the heart of NYU was Washington Square Park surrounded by arts stalls and many people sitting around the fountain. At a nearby flower shop, we bought dried lavenders that we thought could be pretty house decor. I thought it was fascinating that the flower shop owner was a botany graduate at NYU.

Organized a gamer’s at-home work station and perused through a gamer’s delight at the Nintendo Store

A historical display of past consoles was like walking through a time capsule of my own life. You could count on Kirby and Mario being there every step of the way. Why not feed this gamer’s appetite with a pair of pork tacos from Los Tacos No. 1?

Toured through Times Square, hyped up Thor: Love and Thunder and fangirled over BTS and K-Pop in Public

Now I’m not a huge BTS fan but the store was really really cute! Though, I am a huge fan of Marvel Studios and the MCU so it is worth mentioning Thor: Love and Thunder. K-Pop dance covers in public is honestly one of the greatest phenomenon’s social medialites and Youtubers have ever created and I continue to support the movement! What better way to end this flashy day than a sight of the sunset at the edge of Manhattan?

Ate spicy dan dan noodles from Very Fresh Noodles in Chelsea Market and walked it off by walking The High Line

The peppercorn made the noodles a tad spicier than I could handle but it tasted so good! We decided to take a hot and humid walk across the High Line to The Vessel before cooling off in the Hudson Yards luxury mall.

Danced on the side lines during the New York City 2022 Pride Parade!

Insert Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Katy Perry music here! There were freebies including fans, flags, stickers and tattoo’s all from various supporting organizations. Glitter and positive vibes all around!

Watched dazzling fireworks during the Fourth of July along East River

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

Shed some tears after watching a beautiful Broadway performance of Wicked and cried tears of joy after slurping on hot tasty Ichiran ramen

We watched Wicked at the Gershwin Theater and in the days to come you bet the Wicked soundtrack was one of our Spotify star favourites. I wish I took photos of the theater but I was too caught up in amazement. With that said it’s definitely worth another watch at some point in the future. Google reviews say Ichiran ramen is overhyped and expensive but I say for good reason! Traditional serving of well-prepared ramen makes for great comfort food. More chives, pork and noodles please!

Indulged on delicious Thai cuisine before entering the immersive world of Hogwarts at the Harry Potter pop-up shop

Hands down, Thai Villa has the best authentic Thai food I have ever had to date. The restaurant has Thai owners and all their employees are of Thai descent. It’s a real culinary and cultural experience. The chicken wrapped in banana leaves made for great starters while the spicy chicken on rice and pad see ew were simply delightful. Chef’s kiss! If you ever want to walk for a bit after a great meal, why not cast some spells at the Harry Potter store. Sincerely, a Ravenclaw.

Reminisced with old friends over izakaya-style plates and more incredible ramen at Ivan Ramen

Check it out if you’re ever in Lower East Side!

Accessed new heights at The Water Tower Rooftop Bar with old time besties

A pool, a view, and a glass of coke and whiskey.

Meandered the MoMA as well as the MET, interpreting artworks, statues and statuettes

There was an exhibit at the MoMA on the intersection between AI and art. Now that’s my cup of tea.

And finally, celebrated a beloved birthday at the spa and concluded the summer by spontaneously sipping Sunday cocktails on a rooftop bar

It’s hard to believe that summer 2022 is already coming to a close. How could so much have already happened while feeling like there’s so much that’s yet to happen? As I reflect on all these experiences in the past 6 months and begin to look inwards, I’m really starting to realize that I’m becoming more unapologetically myself. I acknowledge that my main character energy can be positive, oblivious, loving, stubborn, a go-getter and even downright lazy. As long as I’m having then I just feel alive.

Until next time!

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