Out With the Old and In With the New

I previously wrote about how something old was just as good as new which described a little bit about how I was sorting through my feelings of walking through the old town with a fresh new take. But, funny enough, did I find how quickly that the old things, too, can soon lose their perceived novelty. 6 months have passed and an inclination of wanting more for myself manifested in both undesirable and desirable ways. When I said I wanted to be more viral, I didn’t mean I wanted to be COVID positive. Strange how the universe has a funny way of clapping back. I’ve taken the backseat on exercise to better manage my joint health. I’ve become more proactive in paying attention to my health since then. I’ve experienced breakup heartache but eventually reached an uptake of e(E)uphoria. I’ve placed more focus on gay friendships, and all the while supporting my family wherever I can. I’ve chosen to surround myself with positivity and bright and bold individuals. In a time when everything feels like it’s at a standstill, I wanted to break free and pursue change. It was through the support and motivation of like-minded friends and family that I realized maybe it was time for an out with the old and in with the new.

Cheers to change within the past 6 months!

Celebrating a bestie’s Big THREE ZERO!

And her newly announced pregnancy!! The amount of love and joy that has surfaced through these times was simply amazing.

Championing the Battle Axe with the gamer family.

It was my first time ever going to an axe-throwing facility. After a couple of failures and a lot more practicing, I mastered the double-hand overhead throw!

Pumpkin carving to kickoff Halloween!

On two separate occasions, I had the joy of carving Amumu from League of Legends and the Pokemon, Koffing!

Making the best of every Uber Eats delivery and every new Pokemon game!

Sushi, rice bowls and cookies ALWAYS do the job. And yes, a full refund was received for the pho.

Inviting Christmas a month early with the godmother.

It’s always a great time catching up and sharing how much has changed over the years. We may not see each other very often but it’s always nice to know that your chosen family is thinking of you from time to time.

Sipping mulled wine and being cute at the Toronto Christmas Market in Distillery District

Cuteness is diverse too. We have a joker with a killer work ethic, a free-spirit with a heart of gold, a lioness whose mane is as perfect as his teeth, and the one holding onto a bag of chocolate croissant for dear life.

Celebrating mom and dad’s wedding anniversary of 30 years at the CN Tower 360 Restaurant!

Spending most of December on a lovely trip to Vancouver.

Started off the trip with some time in North Vancouver where we visited Burgoo. From Granville Island to Yaletown to Richmond, past and new friends were brought together to create new memories. Had to visit a few other classic restaurants too for old times sakes such as Fat Mao, Tacofino, Minami, and Marutama. We also can’t forget the walks along sunset beach and Davie St.

Receiving the loveliest gift of the year and eating the best comfort food of all.

Mie Goreng is where it’s at! The gift and written card was one of the most endearing things I have ever received. Within the card contained a small token with heartfelt words. Let’s just say it was the key that unlocked new doors ahead of me.

The moments that have lead to writing this have manifested in difficult and lifechanging decisions. Decisions that would have not been possible if I settled for settling. To the friends and family that shared their love and support, I thank you dearly. My only hope is that you too find your little inner fire to chase your dreams without fear or doubt.

The next time you hear from me… I would have said another farewell to Toronto.

A whole new chapter awaits in The Big Apple.

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