Something Old Is Just As Good As New

The month of August was busy for all the right reasons. Many a celebration, and many an opportunity to rekindle some relationships. I followed the usual format for a diary blog but one thing I want to share is that while writing this, I felt unusually more reflective. I was more cognizant with who I was physically, emotionally and (surprisingly) spiritually.

Keeping that in mind, here’s how August 2021 played out!

Celebrated my younger sister’s 25th birthday at Congee Queen

Where we ordered everything she wanted from salt and pepper squid, seafood congee, and vegetable fried rice. All I could eat was the chicken and congee but there were no complaints, the food was delicious! The past few years we’ve celebrated her birthday in Vancouver so it felt different yet familiar to have a nice meal in Toronto. Also, a huge kudos to this queen for helping save lives during the pandemic in Toronto.

Celebrated the Catholic rite of passage of baptism for our little baby cousin

It’s been quite some time since I’ve stepped foot into the church and it brought back a lot of memories. It reminded me of a lot of the practices that I chose to leave behind but also reminded me of how influential the church was. To think how much the church has molded my thinking and beliefs, and to think about how much unlearning I’ve had to do. Apart from that though, it was a great event with the added blessing of celebrating the beginning of one’s own spiritual journey with extended family. I wish the little one all the best and the parents for the best guidance.

Enjoyed a nice patio BBQ with the besties

With meeting new friends, eating lots of food (mostly chicken and mashed potatoes for me), and deceptive board games to add.

Spent time with amazing friends from Vancouver along Church Street and at Woodbine Beach ❤

Although it’s only been 9 months since I moved from Vancouver, not seeing friends from across the country felt like much longer. It’s crazy how warped my sense of time is because of the pandemic but seeing them definitely felt like a breathe of fresh air. Reconnecting and seeing Toronto through their eyes made me feel proud of my roots and appreciate more of where I came from.

And even took them out for some Spanish food at Tapagria Spanish Tapas Restaurant

The food was great! We ordered goat cheese on bread, potatas, seafood and chicken paella, churros and lychee sangria to share.

Had a tasty lunch at Anh Dao Restaurant and explored Graffiti Alley!

Which gave plenty of opportunity for some cool photos!

Spent a Monday evening at the patio with some heartfelt conversations

As a farewell to the Vancouver group as they continued on their travels to Montreal.

If I had to choose a theme for the month of August, it would be to remembering your roots. Seeing friends and family helped me reflect in ways that I’ve forgotten to do. Like how feeling stagnant was always a launchpad for the next big change to come. Like remembering where it is that I came from as to not forget where I want to go and who I want to be. I learned that there’s still much learning and unlearning I have to do. Overall, the one thing I realized from reframing perspectives is that sometimes something old and uninteresting can be just as good as new.

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