Sunscreen, Sushi, and Seltzer: Summer is Just Getting Started

As Ontario continues in stage 3 of the pandemic-related restrictions and summer still well underway, I definitely took advantage of the time. Of course, this was done safely, whether with a mask, a rapid COVID test, or a good bottle of sunscreen.

Being separated from friends and family for so long gave me motivation to live in the moment – to photograph with positive intent, and to savor with a smile. Every photo-op, every drop of liquor, and every laugh was a truly shared experience.

Here’s how summer has been so far in July 2021!

Spent a family day at Wasaga Beach

I had hoped to capture some of the body progress I’ve been making with my calisthenics program as well as capture the beauty of family. I also indulged in Cadbury mini eggs ice-cream guilt-free.

Gathered some cousins to enjoy patio season!

It’s been a long while since some of us could group up again and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Family always comes first.

Enjoyed a nice sushi lunch

Project: Fish Sushi and Kitchen is a must-try! Their authentic Japanese sushi and menu is simple, tasty and the restaurant is minimalistic and pretty.

Kicked it back at Lake Huron, cottage country with long-time friends ❤

And obviously there was time for relaxing, and time for getting rowdy 🙂

Thank you to all my friends, family, and loved ones that continue to show me what it means to be home. With many days of summer still yet to be spent, I look forward to the many more memories to be made with all of you. In silliness and in safety.

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