29th Birthday Blog! A Happy June Review

Toronto lockdown restrictions could not have loosened up at a better time as June rolled in as my birthday month! This year, I celebrated my 29th birthday and it came with a lot of mixed feelings. Typically, every birthday for the past however many years, I’ve taken the time to seriously reflect about where I am now, where I used to be, and where I want to go. Who am I now? Am I okay with that? Am I happy? To spend another year while the world combats COVID-19 means that a lot of my plans were put on pause. To think about how the world will emerge on the other side of a new normal is scary but to imagine all of the great possibilities is ever so enticing. Now, reflection and deep internalization aside, my 29th birthday was nonetheless special and I feel blessed to have spent the month of June with all of my loved ones. Here’s my happy 29th birthday blog and what I did in the month of June!

Received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccination!

A huge thank you to the University Health Network for their work and dedication!

Celebrated my 29th birthday at the beach and played board games with my lovelies

Enjoyed a 29th birthday sushi dinner!

Thank you to Ki Modern Japanese + Bar for the tasty meal and free birthday fudge dessert!

Caught up with longtime friends over a Korean meal picnic, bubble tea, and some spikeball!

Mini-marched around downtown Toronto during Pride Weekend

Visited Humber Bay Park with the bestie

They call her Miss Concepción but I call her Kat ❤

Built a Survivor inspired tree puzzle!

Which I bought from Etsy. It took me about 40 minutes to solve!

And last but not least, sipped sangria over a Waterloo friends reunion.

A huge loving thank you to everyone that made my 29th birthday special. Here’s to starting my 30th year of my life. Springing forward out of love, motivation, and even more smiles.

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