Data Science for Social Change: Reporting on Suicide

As part of the data science team at Cisco, I’ve had the privilege to use my skills for social impact. This project aims to shift the way the media reports on suicides using artificial intelligence. Articles written about suicides often contain harmful or visual language that can act as a contagion to those suffering with a mental illness or going through suicidal ideology.

The data science development team has partnered with The Erika Legacy Foundation and worked with mental health experts from The World Health Organization to develop a web-based tool that can identify harmful language used in articles using machine learning and natural language processing.

A Cisco-specific blog publication can be found here, where the VP of Data & Analytics at Cisco, Shanthi Iyer speaks more to this initiative.

The tool can be found here.

It has been a huge blessing to be a part of this effort and look forward to seeing the evolution of the tool.

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