Asia Trip 2019: Part I – Hong Kong

It’s been a month since I’ve been officially back from my trip and I could not believe how hard it was to ease myself back to reality. The jet lag wore off after a week but my motivation to blog and get back into the swing of things took almost a month. After getting over the travel bug, I feel ready to share my experiences with everyone! Here’s the first part of many to come of my trip around Asia.

Having not taken some time for vacation since the beginning of 2019, I felt that I wanted to end the year with an adventure. With a much keener interest in travel, Michael agreed to plan a 1-month long trip to explore countries in Asia that we have never visited before. Feeling adventurous, curious, hungry and a little bit shy of different culture, we kicked off our 1-month Asia Trip in Hong Kong!

Here’s what we did:

Followed right-side driving taxis along unknown streets and rewarded ourselves with some local eats

Because 3 meals on the 14-hour plane ride before our arrival was not enough! We ordered fried chicken and egg noodles with soy chicken and soup.

Begun the next morning with a hearty Hong Kong style breakfast

Yes to the pineapple bun and double yes to the Hong Kong style satay beef noodle soup!

Chased beautiful harbour views, cloudy stage cues, and plump golden statues

All along the Avenue of the Stars at Victoria Harbour!

Became instantly reminded of Avatar, the Last Airbender

A show that’s fantastically binge-worthy the 10th time around.

Scheduled an afternoon to visit the timely Kowloon Clock Tower

But who’s really keeping track of time on vacation? Not me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Appreciated the city streets encompassing Kowloon Park

Trees meeting infrastructure is so pretty!

Captured silly photos of ourselves using visual illusions at the Madness 3D Adventure atop the Victoria Peak

It’s tiring climbing towers by rope, and here’s a small, totally untrue secret: I am terrified of fire-breathing dragons.

Watched day turn into night with a smile from cheek to cheek, watched lights glow up the city right above Victoria Peak

Now, this is something that definitely triggered some deep self-reflection. It was a beautiful experience and I hope to visit again some time soon.

Quietly took an early morning photo at the Yick Fat Building

Because its global popularity has enforced the Hong Kong authorities to prevent people from taking photos in this residential space. I was glad to capture the moment.

Spent our last few days in Hong Kong feasting on some Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan!

We left with full stomachs, empty wallets, and a half-empty photo album of food. Here’s two to share (toasted BBQ buns and chicken feet) but I swear we had more!

Hong Kong was a great start to our trip! There was so much more to Hong Kong and the surrounding areas that I wish we could have seen. Amidst the political unrest in Hong Kong, I’m glad I can say I safely visited the city.

With such an awesome start to our Asia trip, we continued the positive pace to our next stop, Macau!

Read up on the next leg of our trip to Macau, here!

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