Travelling to Calgary, Banff and Edmonton without a Snow Warning!

In British Columbia, Canadians observe Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday. From November 8th – November 11th, 2019, Michael and I decided to visit the urban and natural landscapes of Alberta for the long weekend.

Here is what we did in Calgary, Banff, and Edmonton!

Took a nightly stroll in the quiet streets of downtown Calgary

Where the city buildings illuminated the streets and a cute red Calgary tower peeked at every angle. The streets were not crowded but restaurants and bars could say otherwise. The pretty sights was big welcome to our Friday night arrival.

Ordered a free second bowl of rice noodles at Dagu Rice Noodle Restaurant

Because the fried pork and chicken sides were plentiful along with some beef slices and beef balls. The pork broth soup was exactly what we needed for a cold Friday evening. We gladly swiped our payments at this restaurant!

Prepared ourselves for a long Saturday ahead with a hearty breakfast at the Mariott Residence Inn

We received complimentary breakfast for choosing to stay here. Breakfast included scrambled eggs, potato wedges and fruit with a view. We stuffed ourselves with the energy needed to tackle our itinerary.

Blamed the possibility of minimal distracted driving on the 2-hour ride to Banff

Wouldn’t views like these keep your eyes off the road?

Explored the town centre of Banff while shopping for some souvenirs

Actually, I was busy staring at the snowcapped mountains while Michael was souvenir shopping. :joy:

Held on for dear life during the hike at a slippery sloping Johnston Canyon Trail

While observing snow covered greyish brown rocks, half-frozen flowing streams and specs of greenery.

Admittedly, my feet and knees were still not at 100% from a persisting condition but with much stupidity and much grit, the adventurer in me came out on top. For the record, I made it out okay and my legs were just fine!

We will most definitely be coming back here but maybe when it’s warmer and less life-risking. We decided to forego seeing the Ink Pots because it had already took us so much time to get to the Upper Falls.

We also missed out on seeing the special cave that lies between the Lower and Upper Falls because of a special conservation effort for nested birds during the harsh winter.

Casually walked deeper onto a frozen over Lake Louise

The ice sheet was probably 4-5 inches thick and withstood groups of people walking in and out of the surface. It sounded dangerous yet everyone took their sweet time. Too chill, too cool, too cold.

The mountains stood tallest which every gazing watery eye could see but even the Fairmont Hotel vied for attention by how it opulently stood near the lakefront.

Seriously, the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

Warmed ourselves up to some lunch at the Fairmont Hotel, Alpine Social

The food here definitely refueled us for the drive back to Calgary. I decided to change it up a bit with by ordering a vegetarian burger while Michael ordered a juicy steak sandwich and a sweet onion soup. We went all out with the sweet potato fries.

Visited Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre

For absolutely nothing music related, and just for the pretty photo. 🙂

Appreciated the architecture and design of the Calgary Public Library

Where wood meets concrete and curves intersect with straight edges. Why use your eyes to read when you can let your eyes play with depth perception?

Observed a Winter Wonderland in what is known as downtown Calgary

The Calgary Saddledome and Stampede Grounds just outside of the city skyline made for a Grandview, pun intended.

Crossed the Calgary Peace Bridge

In admiration of its design and purpose as it hangs over the Bow River.

Twirled some chopsticks in some delicious ramen at Tokyo Street Market

We wanted to get some warm cheap eats before our 5 hour drive to Edmonton! The kimchi takoyaki was super tasty and the restaurant was popularly cute and cozy.

Paid our respects in a moment of silence and enjoyed brunch at the Element Hotel

The Remembrance Day memorial held in Ottawa was being shown on the hotel lobby television.

This was a more commemorative start to the last day of our entire trip.

Shopped on a spree and explored the West Edmonton Mall

I was thoroughly amazed that they had a waterpark, pirate-themed water show, ice rink and amusement park rides.

And finally, lucked out on an electric rodent cuteness overload

We caught this regional Pokemon found in parts of Northern Canada 10 minutes before we had to board our plane back to Vancouver!

The Remembrance Day long weekend of 2019 was definitely well spent with lots of quality bonding time and memories to share.

What we did this weekend was not even the tip of the iceberg! There are many things we still want to see and do at Banff National Park, and I know Calgary and Edmonton have more of a food scene to explore. Calgary Stampede, anyone?

Until the next opportunity comes up, let’s enjoy this cold Canadian winter in warm welcoming smiles.

What’s your favourite snowy Canadian destination? How do you enjoy the Canadian winter?

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