How August Influenced All the Summer Smiles

With the temperatures cooling off a bit in the city of Vancouver, why not look back at the heartwarming smiley things that were said and done to enjoy the summer heat while staying super cool. :sunglasses:

1) Indulging on some cutely created macarons

Crackle Creme located in Chinatown had some of the cutest creations and they were super tasty too :heart_eyes: Thanks to Skye for taking me here and for Joel’s generosity #daddies

2) Making room for waffles and ice cream

Cacao 70 located on Granville St. just south of West Georgia St. had a menu of desserts, crepes, waffles and ice cream. The camping smore-like dessert waffle was so good! :sob: Thanks to Michael for sharing it with me!

3) Enjoying rooftop patio views and drinking the night away

How about enjoying a coke-and-whiskey mix in your old high school-esque beer pong cup with a couple of friends jamming out to Top 40 hits? (When going basic does the job :smirk:) Thanks to Julia for hosting! May I add that everyone needs a Coco Chanel quote shower curtain like Julia’s :raised_hands:

4) Strutting the streets of Vancouver catching shiny Pokemon and trading for a regional

Hatched a shiny Azurill, caught a shiny Onix and received a Chatot from a trade but still didn’t catch a shiny Rayquaza let me just weird flex what I got :tired_face: The hatched Pichu was a nice touch.

5) Landing an Ex-Raid at Burnaby Park

Raiding with condo buddies and Telus employees does you wonders.

6) Grabbing delicious Taiwanese food at midnight

Pearl Castle Cafe staples are the pearl milk tea and chicken nugget fried rice. The beef noodle soup is also so tasty!

7) Cheering your friends at the Steveston Dragon Boat Festival

Race on and slay my paddlebaes! :two_hearts: go out to Michael and Yuna! Such medallists! Meanwhile, I sat, watched, applauded, commended and ate. Teriyaki Boys has great chicken yakisoba!

8) Planning a trip and awaiting the day you reunite with your best friend

And that’s all she wrote. :kissing_heart:

I am looking forward to my trip to San Francisco in less than a week and to all the activities thereafter! Until next time, keep smiling 🙂

How did you spend the month of August? What everyday things make you smile?

Also feel free to check out how I celebrated Pride 2019 in Vancouver!

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